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Reasons to choose GDM Transfer

low price

We pride in the fact that we have the
lowest transfer fee in the market. Zero
Transfer Fees*


We aim for instant remittance
into beneficiarie's bank account.

24 hours

We are available round the
clock to make remittance
work for all


We have a bank level security to
protect and encrypt data sent
through to us.

credit card

Poli Payment, allows you to send money
securely & instantly
directly from your bank account


We partner with local banks to
ensure bank transfers are effected
without delays

Sending money

Quick and easy as 1-2-3

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Destination Country

Click on Send Money from the top menu. Select the Destination Country

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Deposit Method & Amount

Select the Deposit Method. Enter the amount you want to send

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Fill in receiver's details

Input the receiver's details carefully before clicking the send button. you can always update if you need to.

ABOUT GDM Transfer

Who we are?

GDM Transfer is an Australian registered money remittance service company. Our aim is simplify money remittance and ensure high customer and beneficiary satisfaction. We are focussed on delivering fast, affordable and reliable money remittance service. Our objective is to offer our customers more funds to their beneficiaries at less cost. Our business model is centred on fairness, transparency, efficiency, security and affordability.

GDM Transfer is an online based money transfer business. We transfer money for people to several countries around the globe. Our strength lies in the efficiency, security and affordability of our service. We provide competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees. GDM provides top of the range remittance services making sure both senders and recipients are satisfied with our send-less receive more business model.

GDM Transfer

100% Safe and Secure

Our aim is to simplify the process of transfering money to Africa, to ensure excellent customer service and to always give our customers the best rates.

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