About Us

GDM Transfer is an Australian registered money remittance service company. Our aim is simplify money remittance and ensure high customer and beneficiary satisfaction. We are focussed on delivering fast, affordable and reliable money remittance service. Our objective is to offer our customers more funds to their beneficiaries at less cost. Our business model is centred on fairness, transparency, efficiency, security and affordability.

Our online presence is to make it easy to send money across the globe with the latest in technology and security portal. Our online platform is extra secured at a bank security level to ensure our customers security is guaranteed at all times. We have a seamless platform integration where transactions can be performed on computers, tablets and smart phones.

We ensure due diligence and processes in dealing with our customers especially when it comes to delivering timely money transfer to their families and friends. We are registered with AUSTRAC and we ensure compliance in all we do. We are fully committed to compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act and Regulations. 

Who we are

GDM Transfer is an online based money transfer business. We transfer money for people to several countries around the globe. Our strength lies in the efficiency, security and affordability of our service. We provide competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees. GDM provides top of the range remittance services making sure both senders and recipients are satisfied with our spend less get more business model.

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